Upcoming Events


easter SundayI just wanted to take the time to write about some upcoming events. I first want to thank everyone who has been working hard around the church to get ready for Easter and Summer.

I’m excited about Sunday April 9th it will be our first baptism Service of the Year and I’m praying that it will not be the last. We have been blessed over the last few months with members and new faces that are getting on fire for the Lord and I’m praying the fire will spread.

Easter is coming on April the 16th, and I’m excited to see what god has planned for Easter morning. I hope you make plans to join us if you don’t have a home church. I’m praying also that we will have several families at church that have been working out of town.

Youth camps are coming fast upon us and we need your child’s camp application along with their deposit of $25. Even if you don’t think you can pay for camp send the deposit or come speak to me or Sister Debbie.

We will be having another prayer night and also a prayer out reach soon so be on the lookout for details.

Lastly, I want to take the time to invite you to Subscribe to our youtube channel. We stream the service every Sunday morning. Just follow the link and hit subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-qwPMor8Bof–ncmwhuN8w.

Looking forward to the coming months,

Pastor Eric